Day 2 Sunday 29th June- Lismore

Sunday 28th June – Lismore Day 2

We woke up on the floor of the church office, which we crashed on yesterday night.

While we had breakfast, we were greet by the locals, Katherine, Andy and someone else.
We had a small devotional session before we ducked off to church.

The church had in fact out-grown the building itself. Which is really encouraging. So we met up in the local high school near by. Lismore High School.

Morning church started off at 9:30am and the series was: ‘Got Questions’. This week they were answering the question “Why did Jesus have to die?”

I met Dylan who was my billet after church. We drove home at which Dylan then gave me a tour of the house. The great thing is his house is like a 4 minute drive away from the uni which I found out after lunch.

Dylan gave me a local tour of the town in which we also ran in Josh Brown. (small world he). We were rendezvousing at Katherine’ @ 2:30 for prep for the week.

Mission prep went well. We met all/most of the people involved with TBT (The bible talks).

At 6pm we went to evening church at the school again. Same talk and songs as the the morning service. After the service we all headed our individual ways to get take a way and rendezvous back at Katherine’s to plan our 10pm Night assault on SCU.

I was in Ricky’s (James) car and we stopped off in town to get something from Noodle Paradise. (apparently they lifted their all their prices by a $1)

After we got the low down of the plan and the chalk was distributed, 3 car loads hit SCU at 10pm. Yes the guards looked at us. We started to go around chalking different parts of the uni to advertise the Tuesday event Grill a Christian. 40 minutes of chalking in various areas. Apparently making it un-missable for people not to see the chalk.

It was an experience alright. Chalking at the dead of night in a uni where chalking has never been attempted. Now I was excited.

That ends a night and Day 2 of Lismore.


~ by chanmanonmission on June 29, 2009.

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