Day 3 Monday 30th June- Lismore

Bright and early we arrive on campus at 9am. To find out the bad news. Chalking in the uni is illegal? Yes they spent the morning going around and scrubbing off all our chalk advertisements for Grill a christian. (we latter found out they missed 2 spots) But none the less we were all disappointed.

We put response forms for people scribble down question on the back of toilet doors across the whole uni. Posters could only be put up in designated areas of the uni. Pamphlet’ing was in full swing across the uni. The students seem to come in bursts before and after the hour around campus.
(about 95% of people drive to uni and park in the car parks, which are Free!)

The Plazza is the main area of the uni where student services and food is served.
Southern Cross Uni is located in amongst the bushland. You can literally hear the birds and crickets going off while you walk from the Plaza up the library. The uni is a bunch of spread out buildings in amongst a theme park like wonderland. This is the image of the uni. Being a uni where it is spread out, it does not allow many social spaces for students to socialise, apart from the Plaza. So at 12pm you could be walking a pathway and encounter no one. yes not a soul in site.

Some more back ground to SCU. Informed by students in TBT.
Since the introduction of VSU in 2006, mandatory union fees were made voluntary.
Because of this lack of funding caused by VSU the uni (gladly) bought back the student association areas in the uni, mainly the Plaza.
So as of now only 8 or so clubs exist on campus. Out of those clubs TBT is the only one doing any visible activities and promotion.

I was pamphleting outside the library steps, when I met this exchange student from Hong Kong. We talked for about 40 minutes on our way down the Plaza to help him buy Telstra pre-paid credit. I think I actually got to challenge him about why we need to find out what we believe in.

Lunch in the plaza. There was not much variety. 3 different shops all privately owned and operated. Most of the food actually was quite filling for the price which you paid. Unlike the food at UTS.

We went to Katherine’s at 2pm to meet up an reflect of what went on that day.
Went back home to chill for the afternoon.

That night I went with my billet to watch their futsal match. Futsal is a game played indoors and similar to indoor soccer. But the ball is smaller and weighted, restricting the ball from going airbourne (though half of the time it did).
The match was played at Goondedah in the new sports centre. They were versing another team made up of people from church. So it was a fun match, though, Dylan’s team did win.

That ends the Day 3 Lismore Wrap.


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