Day 4 Tuesday 31th June- Lismore

Day 4 starts

Dylan and I drive to uni and arrive at 8am. We all meet at the table in the Plazza, at which point took a stack of pamphlets and started to hand them out on the top of the hill.

A slow trickle of people came by. Most of the people actually did not offer to take them. Most knew about the event since we did so much yesterday.

So its approaching 9:40am, and a man confronts me wearing a Southern Cross Uni tracksuit… He tells me that I can’t hand out things here. We had a mini discussion, at which I pressed him on what authority and of the nature of the complain. He kept stating, that we were littering and that we could not hand out things. We talked for about a minute and at which point I conceded defeat and went back to the Plazza to tell them of the bad news. (really I was annoyed and wanted them to sort out the mess, and clarify the situation)

So Security was going around and telling everyone spread over the campus that we can not hand out things. Apparently The Bible Talks has been doing this for a couple of years. Jasmine, one of the staff workers contacted OSCAR – probably stands for some something… something to do with student life and recreation.

So OSCAR made a dozen or so phone calls to determine first who made the first call to dob us in to security. And for what reasons. So as this mess was being sorted out we were reduced to just talking to people and not handing out things.

Josh and I were sitting in the Plazza just annoyed and puzzled at the situation.
Over the hour as we contact other people handing out things at various places on the campus, we eventually pieced together the event and how they unfolded.
Katherine was approached by a lecturer and was told she was not allowed to hand things out. The lecturer rand security and notified them of her. Security then took this call and acted promptly on this call. When security approached her, she clarified who she was and what she was doing this.
Security being stubborn, used a rule of loitering or handling out flyers regarding outsiders of the uni to make Katherine stop. Subsequently campus security was driving around the whole uni telling everyone to stop.
To make it even more ‘official’, a lecturer dressed up in the SCU tracksuit approached some one else and I to stop handing out flyers (or in their words ‘littering’).

So after all this, we gathered security did not investigate the first call made by the lecturer properly.
We were allowed to resume about 1hr latter.

Well what a morning!

Before I go on about the rest of the day. Here’s an anecdote:
The SC Uni actually allows uni clubs to broadcast an email to all students! As long as its worded correctly. For example you can not say, “Come and grill a Christian. find out more about Christianity” but rather “A Q/A panel consisting of Christians”.
So Thank the Lord the email was approved by the Uni for broadcast. This email detailed the weeks events and went out on Monday Night.

Moving on.
Grill a Christian was set ablaze at 11:30pm as the BBQ started to sizzle.
The Q/A panel consisted of Paul, Josh, Katherine and James Richie (TBTer).
Each has their specialty of apologetic.

The amphitheater grew in numbers and peaked at about 1:15pm with about 70 odd people there. There was alot of movement especially when the classes are just about the start of finish on the hour or half.

Overall the day was a success at SCU. I was amazed at the difference in thinking. Much to the fact that a lecture close by just finished, heaps of people pour out and see the BBQ (at that stage off), but yet most just walked on by.

After the event we all headed off the Katherine’s place to debrief. Only the Credo group and 1 or 2 other TBT’ers came along. It seemed, semester was certainly alive and kicking off now.

That day I had the afternoon off and that’s when I had a brain wave and decided to create this blog!
Just to share my experiences.

So It’s nearing 7pm. Dylan invited me to his Bible study at Amanda’s house.
The bible study was interlinked with their mission which they were running over the last two month. Answering the most Common 10 questions about Christianity.
The bible study was split into 3 sections. 1st half: Review and discuss the Sermon on Sunday ” Why did Jesus have to Die on the cross?” 2nd half: Was a discussion of how to answer the coming Sunday question “I’m happy and content, why do I need God?” and the final session was with the boys of the bible study in which we further discussed the study and prayed together.

To end the night off, I decided to stay back and watch The Chronicles of Narnia: Lion Witch and the Wardrobe (the first one in the series). Amanda had a digital projector on hand which we hooked up to there DVD player. We started watching at about 10pm and finished at about 12:30pm.

That ends a long and great day.


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