Day 5 Wednesday 1st July- Lismore

The day begins.

I was handing out flyers at the front of the plaza. It’s quite a challenging spot. See people come along the main road into the plaza from two directions. Either the carpark or the top of the hill, where the other class rooms are located. But if they come from the carpark side most turn off into the plaza 5 meters before the next entrance, where I was standing. On top of that there are two sides of the road which you could stand on (which in itself was a pedestrian crossing).

I soon got bored of the entrance to the Plazza, and moved up the hill to the intersection of the library steps and the roadway. Much quieter place where you can at lease you got to talk to them.

Lunch hour came by, which we all met up and ate lunch down at the plaza.
After lunch we headed up to Byron.
There we sat and talked, some went for a winter swim and others player touch football on the sand.

We left Byron at 6 and headed to Katherine’s house for Pizza.
Shadowing the event we had an un-welcomed visitor who had a bit too much to drink and decided to walk into Katherine’s place. Three of the boys confronted him and tried to calm him down before the police eventually came 35 minutes later. Thank God no one got hurt.

That ends Day 5 of the Lismore adventure.


~ by chanmanonmission on July 5, 2009.

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