Day 6 Thursday 2nd July- Lismore

I woke up this morning with the thrill of going home today. Not to say that my stay in Lismore was disappointing, but far from it. Looking back at the friends I made it was time to say goodbye for now. Especially to my billet who didn’t even know me 5 days ago!

The best thing about my billet is that he lives so close to uni. It takes a 14 minute walk and a 5 minute car ride! Its like living next to a uni.

When we got to uni we bundled my bags into Josh’s car, in preparation for the afternoon drive back.

The morning started off as usual. Pamphleting. I also learnt the Lismore Bench Promoting Method.
Dylan and I headed up the hill and sat on a bench outside at library. We waited and talked to each other before the next student walked by. At which point we would call out to them from 1 and a half meters from us and invite them to the talk.
Surprisingly it worked 9/10 times. They were willing to slow down and hear us out.
That was definitely something which you learn, since Lismore is like a country town, you don’t need to be right next to them to talk or invite them to something.
Dylan had a class at 12 and so had to run off before the talk. So I headed back towards the Plazza.

We (the Plazza crew) all headed over to the Z block for Ryan’s talk on “What is Truth and Reality?”. The talk was interesting and thought provoking.
We said our goodbyes to the TBTers outside the classroom.

We left SCU at 1:30pm and filled up for petrol 3 minutes down the road before we hit the highway. On the way back from Lismore I broke open the the Guess Who Mini Game which I bought at McDonalds on the way up. So Jason, Paul and I were taking turns in playing the game. After playing subjective Guess Who, it got to the point where we were bored of the game after 20 minutes.
We tried to get my MP3 FM transmitter to work, however we forgot to switch it off once we arrived at Lismore. Because of this we were without music or sermons until the next stop.
I used my camera as a timelapse video capture for the car trip back, until the batteries ran out 2.5 hours in. So check out the timelapse video. The rig was taking pictures after a couple of minutes out from Lismore and lasted until 10 minutes out of Coffs Harbour.

We eventually rolled into Sydney at 10 pm. And I got home at 11pm.

That ends the Mission to Lismore.


~ by chanmanonmission on July 5, 2009.

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