The iPad is finally here in Australia

The iPad arrived in Australia for sale on the 28th of May 2010. This post will be a bit different from my usual posts.

These are the iPad prices on the Apple website.

Well like all things in this world. Mis-information and just the failure to understand how the devices are to be used is what has irritated me.

I know, i may come across really bluntly, but the truth of it is that you need to look at the device on its on merits and not compare it to other devices.
The fact is the iPad is not a netbook/laptop/tablet, seperates itself from scrutiny of not having a CD drive or external ports. I love the iPad and all its specs and especially the Apple user experience.

But it fails to add additional function found in the iPod OS software from the Touch and iPhone.
For example, this is something that bugs me. If you have the ability to flip in the Book App this should be extensible to fliping pages in the iCal App. Such inconsitencies in added functionality has got me.

But differences of the UI aside, the iPad experice is clean and neat.

The iPad is essentially a peripheral of the computer, so you do need to synchronise it to a PC/Mac via iTunes to managed and setup the device. With this in mind its clearly not a replacement netbook/laptop/tablet replacenent. It’s really a Cloud connection device, mobile media player or light weight reading screen and work platform.

One more sticking point is the price factor.
Cheapest Wi-Fi iPad is $630 – 16 GB
Cheapest Wi-Fi + 3G is $800 – 16 GB

Talk about on the expensive side!

The thing you have to ask yourself before you consider getting one, is what use will it be?
If its to watch movies, listen to music, read a book, look at Google Maps….
Guess what if you have a laptop. You can do that already!

The iPad is only really for specialised purposes like stock inventory, showing your photography portfolio to a client, lecturing at a university theater, ect.
If its only use is for a weekday commute and lazyness to whip out your laptop, then I do pitty your purchase.
Why buy something for $2 when the next release will cost $1?

Just want to add I have used one briefly for 10 minutes and watched a few MacMost Vodcasts concerning the iPad.

Just my opinion.

And here’s another perspective from Steve Ballmer Microsoft CEO

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