Delicious lunch

On Monday I was lucky enough to have a Free sandwich made with Lawson’s Bread for lunch.

The free lunch is a nation wide promotion for Lawson’s breads. Before I go on, I must note that I was not obliged to post this experience on the internet.

Read on at Ice Cube Restaurant.

The nationwide event is for the promotion of the new Lawson’s bread. They have teamed up with some of the best restaurants and cafes all over the country, and recruited them to design their very own ‘Lunch On Lawson’s’ Signature Sandwich using 1 of the 4 varieties of Lawson’s bread.

Australian media personality Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross, the spokesperson for the launch, gave a sandwich making demonstration in the stunning Verona room in Italian Village. “There is nothing more Australian than an old fashioned, great tasting sandwich so Im pretty excited to be touring around Australia with Lawsons to provide a free lunch for as many people as I can”, says the self-confessed sandwich eating machine.

A selection of Australia’s leading chefs from around the country, including Troy Sernie from Ice Cube Seafood Grill and Brett Launt from Italian Village have all come onboard with the campaign, creating their own signature sandwiches, which will be available in their venues on selected days.

For a limited amount of days in each participating state, Lawson’s will be giving away these sandwiches to the first two thousand people who register online. All you have to do is fill in your details, print out your invitation, and collect your great-tasting ‘Lunch on Lawson’s’ Signature Sandwich from your restaurant of choice. But be quick, lunches are limited!

Dockside Group restaurants Italian Village and Ice Cube will be participating, for more details and to register for your free sandwich visit:

Read articles on the event:
1. Yahoo!7
2. Spice News

… So I register a week before the event, to ensure my place. Pretty much it was a no strings attached. Place your order, which really didn’t involve choosing anything other than the restaurant to pick up your sandwich. (and registering your email and name to ensure you weren’t rigging the system)
And that was it.

So the day finally came yesterday at 12pm.

I briskly walked through the sprinkling rain in Darling Harbour towards the Imax Theater.
10 minutes latter, I had the sandwich in my hands.

I took it back to the UTS and devoured it at the UTS Markets Eatery while reading my SMH. I latter found out what was actually in the sandwich. It was noted on our small booklet, which we received along with our tall brown paper bag enclosing our sandwich.
Settlers King Prawn Furikaki
Containing: Settlers’ Grain bread, thinly spread with lemon aspen mayonnaise and filled with read oak lettuce, tomato, smoked crispy bacon rasher and cooked king prawn salad sprinkled with Furikaki seasoning. The lettuce, tomato and prawns have been dipped in herbal active powder.
hhmm. Yum
And I’ll leave it at that 🙂

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