Another release of Virtual Box!

So normally Open Source software goes through their regular release cycle.

I’m a very avid and passionate user of Oracle Virtual Box.

Virtual box allows the user to install an OS on Virtual PCs created on the Windows, Mac or Linux system.
Each virtual PC uses the resource of the host PC. Also you can run multiple virtual PCs at one time, depending on the amount of RAM available on your host PC. What’s best about the program is, its free and open!
Virtual box was initially coded by Innotek but was acquired in 2008 by Sun Microsystems. Sun was acquired by Oracle in mid 2009.

So in 1 month there has been 3 releases of the program. A little too often if you ask me.
But too my amusement I found out why the latest release had to happen.

Virtual Box now fully branded!I guess Sun Virtual Box is no more. Welcome in Oracle Virtual Box.

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~ by chanmanonmission on June 19, 2010.

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