Movie: Annimal Kingdom Review

I was privileged enough to be given the opportunity to see the pre-screening of the movie Animal Kingdom on the 12th of May. But the movie was released nationally in Australia on Thursday 3rd June 2010.

The Animal Kingdom Poster
I took along a friend from uni along and while he didn’t enjoy the film, I actually quite liked it.
There seems to be a real sticking point about the genre of Crime and Gang Warfareespecially when you interlink the factual events with the fictional or re-created events.
Examples include the DaVinci Code book, Underbelly (an Australian TV series) and The Dish, just name a few.

The use of words, guns, cars, knives made the film very graphic in violence and intentions. I liken this film to an episode of Underbelly but without the overtly sexualisation of the characters. I would say the lives of the characters where more realistic and believable.

But back to the movie.
The Animal Kingdom movie begins with a boy named J who, after losing his mother, needs to live down in Melbourne with his Aunt. From there he soon learns the dark side of his family. He experiences first hand the hazardous lifestyle of his new family. He is told what to say and to who. He is soon taken in by police for questioning where he is asked to decide which side  he is on

The question, Which side are you on, was a central theme I could see thoughout the movie. You would need to take a second look at each of the characters and discern whether they were on the good side but were bad or visa-versa. It’s about finding your identity.

As a Christian we find our identity in God.
After reading, observing the world and talking to others about the Bible, we see that we were born on God’s side. We were made in his image to devote our lives to honour our creator. It is just like how sons and daughters respect their parents. However, as rebellious as we are, we push God aside and want nothing to do with him. God simply calls this sin.

The decision we all have to make is deciding which side we are on. Like J , who had to decide which side he was going to choose, we are also given the choice.
But don’t take this choice lightly for God will send his Son Jesus to judge us according to our decision, whether you have decided or not.
For this reason, CS Lewis said this:

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance.
The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”
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