GAPP Day 1. Sunday 4th July

So as part of Credo’s Mid-Year Evangelism program a group of Credo students, are volunteering a few days at the Glebe Assistance and Partnership Program (other wise known as GAPP).

Some background information about GAPP is shown on the City of Sydney Council Website.

A new initiative by St Johns Church for people in the local neighbourhood who find themselves short of resources. We offer our commitment, our time, some expertise and some emergency relief funding. People who come to GAPP will be offered basic assistance with the opportunity to form an ongoing partnership with one of our volunteers.

Tonight Brendan, Crystal, Leo, Paul and I assisted at the “The Real Meal” event which occurs on the first Sunday night of every month.
“The Real Meal” event is where anyone off the street could come in and enjoy a free meal, listen to some live music and have conversations with other people. While we were eating, there was a small church service that consisted of a bible passage read out followed by a short sermon. Finally, we would recite the Lord’s Prayer and end with a closing prayer.

On this particular evening, Brendan read a passage from John and Paul gave a short sermon and also revealed how God had used a situation in his life where he was deeply saddened.

The night ended (just like it had begun) with live background music.

Overall we served 38 people that night, with a diverse range of people walking in the door. From a lady who had 3 university degrees to an overseas couple.

The atmosphere of the event was truly warm and inviting especially on a cold day and small hall!

The Dinner Table is Set

The Real Meal Event is ready.

Live Music at The Real Meal

We were entertained with the live musica during the meal.

Leo serving food at The Real Meal

Leo Serving food with a backdrop of the people

Dual Purpose Table Cloth

We encourage people to use the dinning table as a canvas to express themselves


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