Easily Exposing Incompetence?

The NSW Government of Australia needs to have a good look at itself.

Many broken promises and backflips on infrastructure and transportation projects. Not to highlight the large waste of tax payers money. Lets not forget the failed project which were announced but not delivered or are being delivered 20 years later.

An ecept from an article in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) titled ‘Inadequate’ submission puts NSW down the list by Alexandra Smith is shown bellow:
It is understood Infrastructure Australia chiefs had to send the NSW submission back three times because it did not adequately identify how the projects would “stack up”. It is understood the submissions from Victoria, South Australia and Queensland were much more impressive.
The article was published February 6, 2009.

In one year quite a lot of announcements and cabinet reshuffles has occurred. The most prominent has been the new Labor Party premier of NSW, Kristina Keaneally.

Recently on July 2, 2010. ABC news presented a story titled “NSW snubbed over infrastructure“, revealed how the Federal Government has denied funding for major transport infrastructure in NSW in favour of projects in Victoria and South Australia.

I wanted to checkout the website for myself. After all the Channel 7 News on that night did not report this. So I looked up the Australian Infrastructure website. Under the Publications section of the website, I found the latest report outlining the National Infrastructure Priorities.

Not surprising, to find no projects from NSW were listed as being of high priority. Surprisingly the North-West rail project backed by the private sector interest, made the list despite the project being scraped by the NSW government after numerous studies were conducted.

Lets not forget that nothing changes. All projects are late and go over-budget under the previous 3 Labor governments.

  • Health care Database of Patient history
  • Public Transport T-Card
  • New Bus Corridors
  • More frequent trains
  • Rail expansions
  • Spit Bridge
  • North-West Metro Link
  • M4-East
  • Lane Cove Bridge (it’s going ahead, but why?)
  • Cross-City Tunnel
  • V8 Supercars 2009 Sponsorship Deal

Finally, if I have not made it clear how much Labor is incompetent in managing NSW, look no further than this article in the SMH “Blowing the Wistle” published in August 22, 2009. The article breaks down each era of government, and their outlined policies in relation to Transport and Infrastructure. I read and cringe. I am sure most people in Sydney (especially NSW residences) would as well.

Note: I also found this SMH article after I wrote up the post. Click on the GRAPH: 100 YEARS OF TRANSPORT NIGHTMARES

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