Sometimes Testimonies need to rock

During the 3 week university holidays I’ve developed a routine which often includes watching The Circle on Channel Ten and Channel Nine Morning news. However this morning I tuned into an interview with Lily Bragge on The Circle telling us about here life. She was promoting her new book “My Dirty Shiny Life”.

Channel Ten’s website Episode Run-sheet summarised the interview slot the best, so here is the excerpt.

Lily Bragge
Comedian and writer, Lily Bragge, discusses her gritty and shockingly honest memoir about her upbringing with a violent, criminal father, her survival of sexual abuse, heroin addiction, clinical depression and incarceration, and her ultimate redemption, finding solace in Christianity.
My Dirty Shiny Life by Lily Bragge, Pengiun, RRP: $32.95

As the interview went on, I was very interested as she began to describe the moment of where she became a Christian and followed by the shock of looking back at her life.
In effect when she was asked what was the turning point of her life, she gave a very concise and heartfelt testimony of how she recognise her past and how now in the future she has a new perspective on life.

Also on the book’s publishes website, there was this interesting Q and A of Lily, where this question in particularly which caught my attention.

Q What do you hope readers get out of your book – that any life can be redeemed?

A Yes and I’m hoping that if you hate the idea of what a Christian is, like I did for a long time, that you might go, ‘wow, this is an interesting perspective.’ Similarly with your views on what a junkie is. I hope that it subverts a lot of stereo-types and prejudices.

Finally, what motivated me to write this post out of all things?

Well about 3 weeks ago at Church bible study, we went through the nuts and bolts of writing a testimony. A testimony is essential how you became a Christian. So I found this absolutely interesting, as she balanced the act of telling her testimony in an interview type situation on TV. . She had a good combination of her previous life, the moment that convinced her to seek out God and now has found her new identity in Jesus Christ, through the help of Marina Prior and the Church.

So I thought her testimony rocked!


~ by chanmanonmission on July 14, 2010.

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