I’m shaking my head after watching Compass on ABC tonight

I just tuned into the last 15 minutes of the TV series of Compass on Sunday night. The series is titled “Compass –  Christianity: A History” with the 7th episode which aired yesterday. In a nut shell quoting the TV guide, part 7 “tells the story of how Science, which had at first been championed by the Christian church, now threatens to make Christianity redundant.”

The episode description on ABC’s website is shown bellow:

Christianity: A History – God and the Scientists

For more than 1500 years Christians saw the Bible as the primary source of knowledge, but in the 17th Century a scientific revolution challenged the Christian view of the world. Eminent scientist Colin Blakemore interviews scholars and churchmen in order to understand how science transformed Christianity over the last four centuries. He shows how scientists born of the Enlightenment realised that the laws of the universe were there to be discovered, not read about in the Bible. He argues that science is the biggest challenge Christianity has ever had to face, and that it will eventually make religion unnecessary.

I did not agree with a lot of points he presented and conclusions he made. At the end of the show he said, the day we find out the part of the brain which makes us religious and turn it off. What will happen to religion then?
To this he concluded and said that science will make Christianity redundant.

In brief, I think it is wrong to even suggest such a thing. One can only come to this conclusion with assumptions which I think are clearly wrong. I can talk about it from a Christian perspective for a while, but I do not think that would be beneficial. So I will try and state my points concisely.

1. Christianity is a religion. And Christianity can be compared to all the major faiths, cults and spirituality practices
    After all its what we like to call religion
2. Religion gives us meaning, morals, an explanation, purpose and enlightenment for life
3. When we switch off the religion part of the brain, we may well become like robots. Some might call it Atheism, though I disagree with this conclusion.
4. For religion gives the reasoning for our existence and work

See science by itself will never tell us the answers to the big questions or confirm that God exists. Science is observations and hypothesis. It can never prove everything right or wrong. That is not the role of science. For if it was, our day to day thinking would be so, so different. Everyday actions would become pedantic and almost illogical in hindsight. We would analyse everything and make decision based on probability and statistics only.
Our knowledge is more like a spider web analogy. For example when we do research at the library on a topic, we look at a couple of sources and then form our web of ideas and facts, ever changing and growing from there.

We need to see past science, as the end all of all discussion. In fact, God gives reason for science to exist.

Note, this discussion is not an exhaustive post on the topic, but rather a point of view which should be discussed with your close friends.
For I do not believe that posting long arguments and rebuttals online really benefits anyone.
There are plenty more creditable sources out there. This is one source online, I would recommend. Public Christianity


~ by chanmanonmission on July 27, 2010.

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