GAPP Day 2 and 3. Monday 4th and Wednesday 6th July

14 hours after the dinner we were back helping at the Glebe Assistance and Partnership Program (GAPP) 9.30am in the morning.
The cloudy and cold morning even made it harder to get up and arrive on time! (as I found out)

Monday 4th of July – Arts and Craft Day.
We were setting up 2 tables. One table had a bunch of hard paper cards and intricate pictures to colour in. The other table had a variety of silk paints and white silk handkerchiefs and scarfs.

Largely due the overcast and rainy weather, the day moved slowly as not many people came in that day.
I decided to paint the Harbour Bridge with a backdrop of fireworks. However planning and executing this took some time. It took about 2 hours for me to layer and paint the final drawing. Unfortunately there was a folded crease in the handkerchief, which made painting straight lines difficult.

The highlight of my day was sitting in a client consultation with one of the volunteer councilors and listening to the woman’s story. Just observing and trying to understand what she may being experiencing. After the consultation, we gave her a number of food vouchers and a food pack before she left.
To listen to that woman detail her problems and feelings in life, certainly makes you realise, how much we can sometimes trivalise our problems in life.

Wednesday 6th of July – BBQ day
Just like Monday, the day started out wet. overcast and rainy. The weather certainly was not on our side.
There were about 4 people who came in that day, including an artist who was riding his bike home (which was overlooking the ANZAC Bridge). He stayed for the BBQ and talked extensively to myself and others on the Credo team about his art. He was into clay sculptures and oil paintings.

After the BBQ lunch we had a bible study in the hall where Paul the pastor of the church led.
On reflection the bible study was very relevant to our experience of welcoming and befriending other community groups. I think that confronted me the most, how we can be so bitter and build up prejudices on other communities. When Jesus himself was accepting of everyone.

These are the photos from both days

 Arts and Craft - Silk Painting the Harbour Bridge with Fireworks

There was an opportunity to do silk painting and card making.

 A Rainbow lorakeet bird in the community veggie patch

There were a few rainbow lorakeets which showed up after the mid-morning rain.

GAPP Signage

Signage for GAPP and The Real Meal

Cooking sausages at GAPP

Cooking sausages on the BBQ in the Garden during the Winter Warming Program

The Winter Warming BBQ food served in the main hall

Volunteers helping themselves to the BBQ Food

GAPP Volunteers

Volunteers present after the BBQ.

Veggie Patch with St Johns Church in the background

The Veggie garden is a patch at the front of GAPP, allowing people to grow their veggies and plants.

The Beetroot Mini plant in the Community Vegetable Garden

The veggie garden is a patch, at the front of GAPP to allow people to grow their veggies and plants.

Winter Warming 2010 GAPP festivities on St Johns Road

The Winter Warming Flyer showing the program for the week


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