We can be Heroes?

One thing that has been made more apparent to me in recent days is just how dark and selfish we really are. Stick we me on this post, because I decided to type out this post, as a testament to how I feel about myself and the state of humanity now.

On all the major news bulletins tonight, mentioned that 5 years ago, today marks the day hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in the USA. That was on the 29th August 2005.

The destruction of Hurricane Katrina

Rhonda Braden walks through the destruction in her childhood neighborhood in Long Beach, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the area. (AP Photo/Rob Carr)

Let’s put that into perspective. I started my 2nd semester of university in 1st year. Now where were you at this point in time?

We know how Katrina was handled, the politics, crime the aid and unrest. The story is still being told for years to come as Katrina recovers. Just for this post, lets look past the government’s failure to act and respond. Because you can find that out from somewhere else.

We all want to help others however, we all have barriers that we put up that prevent us. Even if its so obvious that we can help and do our bit. I’m talking about giving towards aid, especially to humanitarian disasters. Man made or natural. We are all human and have the conscience to help one another when we see people in need.

So how much should I give? Who to? But the money goes towards administration costs as well? My money won’t go to where they say? She’ll be right (Its just another one of those things)? Our taxes already pay for the government aid, right?
Do I hear the word “barrier” echo through spaces and characters in my blog post?

There are endless reasons, questions, comments you can repeat and appease your involvement.

Trying to keep this post very contained and pointed, lets put the first idea in to perspective. So how much should I give?

I’m was a student in 2005. I didn’t have a part time job, however I did receive some equity payments and things. Not very wealthy hey.

2007. How about a student supporting themselves through an internship. Their day might go something like this.
Enjoy a large coffee in the morning, a decent lunch at the pub, a visit to the bar and dinner at the local Asian restaurant.

2009. Been through some part-time jobs (in the previous year) and have a good saving plan going. Looking for that big break to rake in a good flow of cash. I do go and purchase CDs and see the same movies 2 time or even 3 now and then)

2010. Still now in the work force in a full-time job. I really don’t have much cash to give. After all I already give my time and energy around church and some uni social clubs.

How blessed are you to see that we have a roof on our head, a water/sever system which works, transport options, computers, communication, community of friends or family, physical security! We over look the most simplest things in life and let them blur our opinions of helping others in desperate need.

You know, we can all be heroes and change history. The Katrina disaster went on for too long.
On August 11 2010, the worst floods in 80 years occurred, further straining the people of Pakistan. Millions of people are dead and displaced. Will you let this disaster just mold another dent in how we responds to ourselves in need?

So how much should I give? -> Is that question even relevant… ?

You know I’m looking for work, but currently I’m not working. So I don’t have money. If I give to everything, i’ll be broke. I’ll give to the next major disaster. I buy fair trade items already. I did my part in the last major disaster. I can afford to see a movie and enjoy myself, but giving to this. I’ll update my “Facebook” decision to Maybe ->

How about this: Give up your next 3 visits to the pub/movie/bowling/karaoke and sent that money towards Pakistan.

Enough reading. Now actually give towards a trusted aid organisation you know and put a dent into the history of Pakistan and your story. Don’t put it off and feel sorry and guilt afterwards. Life is too precious to dismiss opportunities like these.
Here’s a few aid organisations I can recommend.

Red Cross | Salvation Army | Oxfam | Tear | CBM


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