Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac

Outlook 2011My first encounter with Office for Mac 2011 after my boss saw I was using Open Office at work to edit a document. During the next few weeks after that I was exploring everything about Office 2011 for mac.

Once installed, I was trying out all the different features and documents. The standout application I really enjoyed discovering how to use was Outlook 2011. Previously there was Entourage 2008. Entourage was a clunky mail client which many Mac fans did not enjoy using. So it was a great relief to see that MS finally dumped the Entourage label and ported the Outlook feel over to Mac application. The Outlook has a fresh look, IMAP support, and Contacts sync directly to Apple Address Book to name a few things I enjoyed.

However after assisting a client of ours at work, to sync their mail, contacts and calendars up, I soon became frustrated with using Outlook for Mac. After a furious hour of trawling through every window and button, web surfing to see if syncing Google calendars or even CalDAV, support was even possible. I finally found a reputable source that put me out of my misery.

Does Outlook support CalDAV?

Can Outlook sync with iCal?
No. (See “Will Outlook import directly from Apple Mail, iCal, and Address Book?” above.)

Can Outlook sync with Gmail and Google Calendar?
Outlook 2011 will work with Gmail accounts and contacts, but not with Google Calendar.

Game over. Google Calender Service cannot sync to Outlook 2011. Overall, MS Outlook 2011 takes a giant step ahead for a MS Mac mail client, however by leaving out CalDAV support just makes me cringe, and probably a lot of others.

The full FAQ can be found here: Office 2011: Outlook FAQ Everything you wanted to know about Microsoft’s Entourage-replacement. (picture above taken from the MacWorld article)


~ by chanmanonmission on June 6, 2011.

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